Thursday, April 13, 2006

How to Register if You're a Consultant

How to Register if You're a Consultant
prepared by Jennifer Watkins

With all the changing laws and regulations many nonprofits and consultants are looking at themselves to make sure that they're in line with state and federal regulations.  This includes registering.

Most states require registration from nonprofits, outside fundraising firms and the consultants that are employed by either type.  Considering how many states there are, it can be a daunting task to register.

Especially if you're a consultant that finds themselves consulting and working with people in other states; and even if you're based in one state, you may find you have donors from all over the place.

The first place to go to check out would be the Unified Registration Statement (The Multi-State Filer Project) located at .  A next step would be to call your State's Attorney's General to find out what the exact state requirements are.  You can find a list of all them at the National Association of Attorney's General, , under .

For those in Canada, consultants need to check with their provincial governments, with the provincial regulators as the best way to proceed.  If anyone works in Alberta, they currently have the most extensive registration requirements, just something to keep in mind.

In all cases, the recommended first step is speaking with someone in your local government and working your way up if need be.  Countries, and even state to state in the U.S., differ at times and it's best to seek out and find how the regulations are set in your area.

For more information, please take a look at a this FAQ, located here  And never hesitate to get in contact with the Resource Center, either by phone (1-800-688-FIND) or email (  The usual disclaimers for dispensing legal or ethical information apply.