Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cause Related Marketing

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Some material from the AFP Website.




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Monday, November 20, 2006

If you like this Blog you may like our Recent News of Note Blog

If you like this Blog you may also like our Recent News of Note Blog.

A review of that blog is below.

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Reed Stockman

News onPhilanthropy: Blog of the Week: AFP Blog: "Blog of the Week: AFP Blog

The Association of Fundraising Professionals is the national membership organization of those who raise money for a living in the major gifts arena and as a trade group, most of its attention is focused on members. Rightly so. But the AFP Blog is wonderful service for anyone working in the sector - and that's because of the terrific work being done by blogger Reed Stockman."

Giving Circles

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From the AFP website
Research Study: Giving Circles and Fundraising in the New Philanthropy Environment
The purpose of this project was to better understand how fundraising professionals are responding and adapting to tools of the "new philanthropy" environment, especially to funding from "giving circles." Scholars, practitioners, and journalists claim a new era has begun in American philanthropy; one that is more engaged and uses unconventional modes of giving and volunteering. This report by Angela Eikenberry of the Center for Public Administration and Policy, School of Public and International Affairs, Virginia Tech, examines the practice in depth.


The PDF Is here