Thursday, April 21, 2016

Grantwriting fees; Bonus and Incentives; and Consultants and Consulting

 Here is some material we’ve seen on Grantwriting  fees and also on Consultants and Consulting.  Also on Bonus and Incentives.

 Grant Writers compensation


From 2006

Some material on the Ethics of Consulting Fees from AFP

Our  Hot Topic on Consultants and Consulting (Hot topics are a AFP member benefit and require membership  login.

Consultants and Consulting

The AFP Resource Center receives many queries about consulting. Some relate to how and why to hire a consultant; others relate to how to become a consultant. In this Hot Topic paper we will address both. Much of the material herein is from AFP’s Information Exchange paper "Thinking About Becoming a Consultant?" by Linda Lysakowski and AFP’s Ready Reference guide "So You Want to Be a Consultant."

Nonprofit Communication Plans

Here is some material we’ve seen on Communication strategies and plans.  I hope you find them useful as a starting point.
Nonprofit Communication Plan template
Developing a communications strategy — Knowhow Nonprofit
Communications toolkit
How new donor communication plans can improve donor retention
Kickstart  Yourself with a Communications Grid
Getting started with Communications Planning