Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Capital Campaign and Feasiblity Study costs and related material

There is limited material on this topic.( note that dates of this material vary,)
Here are some web articles.
Related material on pricing a Feasibility Study.

What Does a Feasibility Study Cost?
We do have a variety of more general material in our Hot Topic on Capital Campaigns (This requires AFP member login to access)

Here are some related web resources we’ve seen on choosing a fundraiser

Some information about Board Fundraising

Here are some articles about Board Fundraising
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Special Report Engaging Board Members in Fundraising

The board should Raise Money:True or False

From Advancing Philanthropy

Other material from the AFP website

Also from the AFP website from the AFP Information exchange( this requires member login)
The 4 I’s of Good Board Members

and also the related topic of The Development Committee

and under Fundraising Committee