Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Membership Programs

Types of Membership Programs

Giving Societies and Donor Clubs

A two-part article from The Fundraising Authority on setting up and using giving societies and donor clubs:

Part 1. Using Giving Societies and Donor Clubs Effectively

Part 2. How to Set Up Successful Giving Societies and Donor Clubs

Three Alumni Membership Models

Pros and cons of three membership models used in alumni associations.

Survey: Lifetime Memberships in Education Associations

Results from a 2011 survey conducted for the Reggio Alliance.
Research report dated October 10, 2011) (Download)

Examples of Successful Membership Programs

The Detroit Regional Chamber's tiered membership structure

Enticing members with loyalty programs and perks: an article from the Wild Apricot blog 

Starting a Membership Program

How to start an association: an ASAE white paper

How to start a partner membership program with the National Park Service

Starting a membership program: a Boardhost answer

How to Set Up a Recurring or Lifetime Membership Program on Blackbaud

Member Management

Non-Profit Help: making unhappy members lifetime members in 3 easy steps

Tax-Related Considerations

An AFP FAQ: Deductibility of Membership Dues

IRS Publication 526 (2011), Charitable Contributions

A Fundraising 123 Article: Are Membership Dues Deductible?

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